Our Team

Luminita Sarbu,

PhD, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Sarbu earned her DVM degree from The Ohio State University in 2003, where she graduated magna cum laude. After a one year internship at Tampa Veterinary Specialists she completed a three-year oncology residency at Michigan State University. Dr. Sarbu brings with her a strong background of teaching and scientific research acquired during her previous education at University of Cincinnati, where she received a Master of Science and PhD in Microbiology in 1999 (complete bio). Dr. Sarbu has been practicing veterinary oncology in Seattle area since September 2007.

I am often asked why I chose veterinary oncology as a career, considering the sad aspects of this field. I have to agree, it is never easy and always sad to lose a patient, and even harder to see the pain in the eyes of his/her owner. While cure is a word I never use, prolonging good quality of life is an achievable goal worthwhile fighting hard for every day. I treat my patients as my own and I celebrate each happy day they get, not thinking about tomorrow but always fighting for another happy day. For me, it is not about keeping a pet alive, it is about helping a pet with cancer to enjoy life while staying alive. And it is about helping others understand when to continue to fight and when to stop, no matter how sad or painful may be for us, the humans at the end of the leash..."