Our Patients


My favorite vet is Dr. Sarbu, Oncologist extraordinaire. Dr. Sarbu treated my Italian Greyhound for Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in October of 2011. We were referred to Dr. Sarbu by her colleague at Washington State University Veterinary Teaching College. That was a lucky day and we began Wally's chemotherapy.

His first therapy failed, she didn't despair. His second therapy resulted in remission.

We lost our Wally last week, due to a second tumor that was resistant to treatment. Dr. Sarbu gave us 8 amazing months with our Wally. We are grateful beyond words.

Dr. Sarbu was able to balance the effects of treatment with Wally's quality of life. She is competent and compassionate. Treatment has its up and downs and Dr. Sarbu stayed connected to Wally's many needs. She took all my phone calls. She returned e-mails. She collaborated with Wally's other specialists. She stayed connected to our need to understand this terrible disease and gave us a clear and useful information. She behaved like a human being. She is a true professional.

My husband and I will never forget the exemplary level of care our Wally received from Dr. Sarbu and her brilliant staff. Dr. Sarbu is the best.

Colleen D.