Our Patients


Alex-web1"Alexander is a male Samoyed, whose right rear leg was amputated at age 7. Dr. Sarbu found a very skilled surgeon and Alex.. quickly recovered to begin a two drug chemo course with Dr. Sarbu and her technicians. My greatest fears were how to care for a “tripod,” and what quality of life Alex would have-as it turned out, Alex did far better physically than I did emotionally. The only thing Alex can’t do as well, today, is to run, though he does have a little trot. Everything else is perfectly “normal,” and as it was prior to surgery and chemo. Alex continues to travel with us, to stay in hotels and to take care of himself daily as he always did. Alex can easily go down stairs, and though I help him go upstairs, he is capable of doing it, alone, with three legs! Alex goes to off leash parks and loves to play with other dogs, and is always a hit with children. One of his favorite things is to go to a local outdoor mall and “shop” by going from store to store. My wife and I are forever grateful to Dr. Sarbu and her technicians for giving Alex and us this result, a normal life!"