Our Patients


 Dr. Sarbu and all you kind individuals who signed your condolence card for our recent loss of our beloved Aussie - we thank you sincerely.

Aussie passed away alongside us in our bed from a heart attack just prior to Christmas rather than from her canine oral melanoma. Indeed, she survived for more than 1000 days after having initially been diagnosed with her cancer. Just the day prior to her end she was still accompanying us on regular treks of several miles - still very much enjoying her life and smiling. At 14 years old Aussie ("Ms. Woggie") was continuing to lead one of the most adventurous lives of any dog we know. We invite you to look through a photo memorial album of her wonderful life that we've posted on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=39031&id=100000709451886&l=201f3ca11b

Again, thanks for the very personal card - it helps us. Earl & Nancy