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My favorite vet is Dr. Sarbu, Oncologist extraordinaire. Dr. Sarbu treated my Italian Greyhound for Lymphoma. He was diagnosed in October of 2011. We were referred to Dr. Sarbu by her colleague at Washington State University Veterinary Teaching College. That was a lucky day and we began Wally's chemotherapy.

His first therapy failed, she didn't despair. His second therapy resulted in remission.

We lost our Wally last week, due to a second tumor that was resistant to treatment. Dr. Sarbu gave us 8 amazing months with our Wally. We are grateful beyond words.

Dr. Sarbu was able to balance the effects of treatment with Wally's quality of life. She is competent and compassionate. Treatment has its up and downs and Dr. Sarbu stayed connected to Wally's many needs. She took all my phone calls. She returned e-mails. She collaborated with Wally's other specialists. She stayed connected to our need to understand this terrible disease and gave us a clear and useful information. She behaved like a human being. She is a true professional.

My husband and I will never forget the exemplary level of care our Wally received from Dr. Sarbu and her brilliant staff. Dr. Sarbu is the best.

Colleen D.


Dr. Sarbu helped get my rottweiler Ravyn, who'd been diagnosed with osteosarcoma just after turning 4 years old, to two years out from diagnosis. Ravyn's original prognosis was 3-6 months. Dr. Sarbu's expertise, and her caring manner helped make a heart wrenching situation manageable. And her dedicated care allowed Ravyn to have GREAT quality of life until her time came. Ravyn, always a nervous dog, even more so after losing her leg, loved going to see Dr. Sarbu... that alone speaks volumes for the care and love she received.



Our dog Chewbacca saw Dr. Sarbu for over three year for Cancer (Lymphoma). She was always there if we needed help, answered all our questions. She opened her own clinic to create a caring, homelike environment for pets with cancer. When the end finally came for our dog it could not have been handled in a more caring, thoughtful manner, right there at the clinic. She sat with us as long as it took and always made you feel your dog was special, as of course, each one is. I'm sure it wasn’t easy venturing out and opening the new place but I think she had an idea of what a cancer clinic should be like and went with the idea of betterment of the pets and the humans who cared for the pets.

Andrea R


Alex-web1"Alexander is a male Samoyed, whose right rear leg was amputated at age 7. Dr. Sarbu found a very skilled surgeon and Alex.. quickly recovered to begin a two drug chemo course with Dr. Sarbu and her technicians. My greatest fears were how to care for a “tripod,” and what quality of life Alex would have-as it turned out, Alex did far better physically than I did emotionally. The only thing Alex can’t do as well, today, is to run, though he does have a little trot. Everything else is perfectly “normal,” and as it was prior to surgery and chemo. Alex continues to travel with us, to stay in hotels and to take care of himself daily as he always did. Alex can easily go down stairs, and though I help him go upstairs, he is capable of doing it, alone, with three legs! Alex goes to off leash parks and loves to play with other dogs, and is always a hit with children. One of his favorite things is to go to a local outdoor mall and “shop” by going from store to store. My wife and I are forever grateful to Dr. Sarbu and her technicians for giving Alex and us this result, a normal life!"


 Dr. Sarbu and all you kind individuals who signed your condolence card for our recent loss of our beloved Aussie - we thank you sincerely.

Aussie passed away alongside us in our bed from a heart attack just prior to Christmas rather than from her canine oral melanoma. Indeed, she survived for more than 1000 days after having initially been diagnosed with her cancer. Just the day prior to her end she was still accompanying us on regular treks of several miles - still very much enjoying her life and smiling. At 14 years old Aussie ("Ms. Woggie") was continuing to lead one of the most adventurous lives of any dog we know. We invite you to look through a photo memorial album of her wonderful life that we've posted on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=39031&id=100000709451886&l=201f3ca11b

Again, thanks for the very personal card - it helps us. Earl & Nancy