Veterinary Oncology Center wins 'best veterinarian in Seattle'

Seattle Pets Examiner December 7, 2011

Veterinary Oncology Center of Renton, WA, recently won the honor of “Seattle’s Greatest Veterinarian.” Seattle's KVI radiostation searched for nominations, which were due by November 17th at 8:00 AM. Nominations were made either via facebook or the telephone. On Thursday, November 17th, KVI posted the following announced on facebook: "Wow, we have received TONS of nominations for Seattle's Greatest Veterinarian...we'll narrow it down to the three finalists at 8:30. "

By 8:30 that morning, KVI had posted the poll with veterinary offices that had received the largest number of nominations: Veterinary Oncology Center, Hawthorne Hills Veterinary Hospital and The Family Pet in Seattle. When clients nominated their veterinarian, they also had the option to post comments, some of which are included below.

Victor Gonzalez-Flores - I would like to nominate Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton WA. I highly recommend Dr. Sarbu and her caring staff. They always made my dog feel as if she was the MOST SPECIAL dog. She loved going to see Dr. Sarbu and they always sent her home with a squeaky toy or a pretty collar flower.

Jan Weisel - I would like to nominate Veterinary Oncology Center as the best vet! Dr. Sarbu and her staff give pet owners hope and make sure that your pet has a very quality life. Even though my precious golden retriever, Candy, succumbed to lymphoma very quickly, she had many days where you wouldn't even know she had terminal cancer. Candy loved going to Veterinary Oncology Center because they treated her like she was their own dog and played and loved her while she received her chemotherapy treatments. I highly recommend them and am very grateful that they helped us gain very good quality time with our beloved pet.

Susan Jacobi - I would also like to nominate the Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton. Dr. Sarbu and her team are so passionate. THE BEST!

Lorraine Norton - I would like to nominate the VOC in Renton WA. Have had several animals throughout the years, and have never experienced the level of compassion, concern, and knowledge that the staff here exudes. If you have a pet in need of cancer treatments, they will treat you and your pet(s) with the utmost care and love.

Missy Russell Monk - Hello, I would like to nominate Dr. Sarbu as the best Veterinarian in Seattle ! She has the love of her patients and the owners in her work. You can find her at the Oncology Center in Renton, WA! She and her team are the best!

Brian Elslip - I would like to nominate Dr. Luminita Sarbu at Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton. Her chemotherapy treatments have our little dog Lulu's cancer in complete remission. Dr. Sarbu gives precious months to families with dogs and cats that are stricken with cancer.

Jesse Witherbee - I'll vote for Veterinary Oncology Center, such an amazing group of professionals. They do a job that few could and all while smiling! Keep up the good work ladies!

Steph Kushman - Dr. Sarbu - Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton!!!

Dr. Sarbu was humbled by both the contest results and by her clients’glowing praise. “The contest got us to realize how much support we have from our friends and clients,” she stated. “No matter what the outcome of the contest had been, it is an incentive for me and my staff to keep working hard to help our patients and clients.”