A small blood sample from your dog can help cancer research!

If your dog was diagnosed with cancer, donating a small sample of his/her blood will help cancer research in dogs and people! Together, we can make progress in fighting cancer!

It is estimated that one out of two dogs and one out or four people die of cancer. Genetic studies of naturally occurring cancers can lead to the identification of genes involved in cancer, development of improved diagnostics and more individualized therapies for both people and pets.

With a common hope of improving the health and welfare of humans and pets, Van Andel Research Institute and the Translational Genomics Research Institute have rallied an unprecedented national alliance of veterinarians, basic scientists, and clinicians to form the Canine Hereditary Cancer Consortium (CHCC). The CHCC will study genetic lesions and biochemical pathways that contribute to cancer in dogs, and then translate these discoveries to humans. In the next two years CHCC will focus their efforts on unraveling the genetic causes of several cancers, including but not limited to: hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, malignant histiocytic sarcoma and lymphoma.

CHCC is soliciting the assistance of pure bred dog owners to help collect blood samples for this research. Veterinary Oncology Center is proud to support this great cause by collecting and submitting samples on behalf of dog owners. If you would like to enroll your dog in this study, please call us at 425-242-7005. You do not have to be one of our clients to participate in the study and there is no cost associated. Any pure breed dog that has been diagnosed with cancer can participate. For more information about CHCC and this study, please visit their website at www.vai.org/helpingdogs

Currently CHCC is looking specifically for samples from following cancer patients:
  • Melanoma - Cocker Spaniels
  • Lymphoma - Golden Retrievers
  • Hemangiosarcoma - Golden Retrievers, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets
  • Osteosarcoma - Greyhounds, Great Pyrenees, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers
We are very grateful for the generosity of our clients that have volunteered their dogs for the study so far:
  • Valence K. - 9yr old Rottweiler with lymphoma
  • Devin N. - 4yr old Great Dane with peripheral nerve sheath tumor
  • Bogart H. - 11.5yr old Beagle with lymphoma
  • Bronson P. - 7.5yr old Rottweiler with histiocytic sarcoma
  • Maggie M. - 6.5yr old Great Dane with intrathoracic cancer
  • Alex M. - 8.5yr old Samoyed with osteosarcoma
  • Aileen S. - 10yr old Labrador with mast cell tumors
  • Roxy C. - 7.5yr old Bernese Mountain Dog with multiple myeloma
  • Radar S. - 10.5yr old Welsh Corgi with lymphoma
  • Ole L. - 10.5yr old Golden Retriever with lymphoma
  • Gus M. - 10yr old Scottish Terrier with lymphoma
  • Bear O. - 7 yr old Newfoundland with prostate carcinoma
  • Mandy H. - 7 yr old Cocker Spaniel with lymphoma
  • Grace A. - 8.5 yr old Golden Retriever with lymphoma
  • Rico Suave N. - 9 yr old Springer Spaniel with salivary gland carcinoma
  • Knickers P. - 12 yr old Labrador with lymphoma
  • Penny S. - 11.5 yr old Golden Retriever with mast cell tumors
  • Tully T. - 9yr old Golden Retriever with lymphoma
  • Daisy Mae T. - 8.5yr old Beagle with metastatic carcinoma
  • Melody Ranch N. - 11yr old German Shepherd with anal sac adenocarcinoma
  • Gracie T. - 9.5yr old Basset Hound with lymphoma
  • Jonas S. - 10.5yr old Labrador with melanoma
  • Joey M. - 8yr old Labrador with mast cell tumors
  • Bear S. - 6yr old Bernese Mountain Dog with lymphoma
  • Hugo S. - 4yr old Bernese Mouantain Dog with bone cancer
  • Dreamer M. - 9yr old Australian Shepherd with lymphoma
  • Benny Goodman H. - 12yr old Cocker Spaniel with melanoma
  • Bauer K. - 6.5yr old Golden Retriever with mast cell tumors
  • Crystal H. - 10yr old German Shepherd with squamous cell carcinoma
  • Gunnar E. - 9.5yr old Golden Retriever with histiocytic sarcoma
  • Gus D. - 7.5yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback with lymphoma
  • Rocky L. - 10.5 yr old Vizsla with mast cell tumors
  • Casey M. - 10yr old Australian Shepherd with mammary carcinoma
  • Mr. Gruber B. - 8.5 yr old German Shepherd with lymphoma
  • Kona K. - 6yr old Golden Retriever with lymphoma
  • Jasper S. - 8.5yr old Golden Retriever with mast cell tumor
  • Jake S. - 13yr old Beagle with lymphoma
  • Lilly S. - 13yr old Pitbull with mast cell tumors
  • C.J. N. - 12yr old Gordon Setter with melanoma
  • Ravyn L. - 5yr old Rottweiller with osteosarcoma
  • Lily N. - 9.5yr old Standard Poodle with lymphoma
  • Banner H. - 8.5yr old Golden Retriever with fibrosarcoma
  • Jaz A. - 13yr old Golden Retriever with melanoma
  • Tucker G. - 12yr old Rottweiler with melanoma
  • Bullit D. - 8yr old Golden Retriever with osteosarcoma and mest cell tumor
  • Hannah T. - 7yr old Boxer with mast cell tumors
  • Chewbacca R. - 11yr old Irish Water Spaniel with lymphoma
  • Dundee P. - 11yr old Golden Retriever with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Clu M. - 7yr old Irish Wolfhound with osteosarcoma
  • Travis E. - 4.5yr old Corgi with lymphoma
  • Haley H. - 12yr old Golden Retriever with lymphoma
  • Lulu R. - 13yr old Bouvie with lymphoma
  • Bubba Lou N. - 6yr old Weimarainer with lymphoma
  • Skye C. - 11.5yr old Border Collie with hemangiosarcoma
  • Lilac C. - 9yr old Rottweiler with osteosarcoma
  • Jamie G. - 10yr old Whippet with cutaneous hemangiosarcoma

This study is currently closed