VOC Celebration of Life Picnic - August 25, 2012

Another year has passed... summer has come and gone and with great delay I have finally put together the album from the Celebration of Life Picnic 2012. What a day that was! A beautiful 3-legged dog called Tasha was my inspiration... her plaque sits in the same place above my desk reading:  “Some gifts you hold in your hand, some you hold in your heart”. Tasha has been gone for many years but her happy face, rolling in the grass is a forever reminder of what life should be about - enjoying, creating memories and remembering.


The Mutt Match 2012 - June 2nd

The Mutt March
 The Mutt March 5K Dog Walk on Saturday, June 2, 2012. How could we not?? This is a wonderful event benefited Chase Away K9 Cancer Foundation. Through Chase Away K9 Cancer Foundation, your contributions help fund research, education, advocacy and service, leading to the primary goal of healthier and longer lives for animals. And while dogs are the primary focus of this foundation, we must not forget that research translates across species, benefiting cats and humans as well.

was a great event, attended by many pet owners and their beloved furry friends. The Mill Creek Rotary Club has done a fantastic job in organizing the event to the enjoyment of all present. Here are some of the highlights of the event and the story of the VOC Mutt March Team 


Ten signs of cancer in pets

Seattle Pets Examiner February 13, 2012

Dr. Luminita Sarbu of Veterinary Oncology Center knows how important early diagnosis can be for pets who have cancer. “Cancer is one of the most common geriatric diseases affecting both dogs and cats, although it can develop in pets of any age,” she stated. “Cancer accounts for death in 50% of dogs over 10 years of age and 32% of cats over 10 years of age. Interestingly, dogs get cancer at about the same rate as humans do and in some cases, the cancers have a similar behavior.”

The gift of life – pet blood donors

written by Dr. Luminita Sarbu

Years ago, during my internship in Florida, the phrase “This patient needs blood!” used to frequently echo in the busy ER where I did my emergency training. Among the 3-4 doctors on duty, it was bound to happen that one of us would ask for it on any given day. The need for blood was caused by various condition: the small kitten whose blood was sucked by the numerous fleas infesting it, the sweet Cocker Spaniel whose body was destroying its own red blood cells, the hit-by-car cat struggling for its life, the cancer patient bleeding in its belly, needing emergency surgery. In that moment of urgency, there was little time to stop and think of the source of the blood. All I remember is wanting to see the rich, red fluid flowing in the veins of my patient...a gift of life. But when the rush was over and emotions settled in, along with joy or pain came the question..."who was the one that generously helped today?"

Veterinary Oncology Center wins 'best veterinarian in Seattle'

Seattle Pets Examiner December 7, 2011

Veterinary Oncology Center of Renton, WA, recently won the honor of “Seattle’s Greatest Veterinarian.” Seattle's KVI radiostation searched for nominations, which were due by November 17th at 8:00 AM. Nominations were made either via facebook or the telephone. On Thursday, November 17th, KVI posted the following announced on facebook: "Wow, we have received TONS of nominations for Seattle's Greatest Veterinarian...we'll narrow it down to the three finalists at 8:30. "

Veterinarian dedicates time and energy towards treating cancer in pets

Seattle Pets Examiner November 16, 2011

While many pet owners are familiar with health-related issues such as pet obesity, arthritis, asthma, and diabetes, the leading cause of disease-related death among older pets receives a disproportionately small amount of attention. Cancer is the number one disease-related cause of death among cats and dogs, claiming millions of pets annually.

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and for pet owners in the Seattle area who are concerned about cancer care, the Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton, WA, offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options for pets with cancers. Dr. Luminita Sarbu is the Veterinary Oncology Center’s cancer specialist.

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Do you know your pet's lumps and bumps?

Luminita Sarbu, PhD, DVM, Practice Limited to Oncology - Veterinary Oncology Center

Skin is the most common site for cancer in dogs and second most common in cats.

  • Benign masses - not cancerous, do not invade surrounding tissues, do not spread to other parts of the body and are usually cured with surgery
  • Malignant masses – are cancerous, they invade the surrounding tissues and commonly spread to other parts of the body (metastasis).