Recheck Appointments

  • You will need to schedule the recheck appointment or we may schedule it automatically – this will be indicated in your discharge instructions.
  • We do give you a call to remind you of the appointment.
  • We will indicate if your pet needs to be dropped off or if this will be a short visit, with the full evaluation being performed while you are waiting.
  • Your pet can eat the morning of this appointment, unless we specify otherwise.
    • If your pet requires an abdominal ultrasound or an anesthetic procedure, we will ask you not to feed your pet after 10pm the night before. Water is always allowed.
    • If your pet is diabetic, he/she should not be fasted – please inform our staff.
  • You will be asked to fill out the Recheck form – this will inform us of your pet’s progress and quality of life since we saw him/her last.
  • If your pet needs to spend part of the day with us, your pet will be provided comfortable bedding, water and a litterbox for kitties. All dogs are walked multiple times. We also make time for some play and pet time with each of our patients. We typically do not feed them through the day, since each patient may be on a different diet. You are welcome to bring in a small snack for your pet.
  • All pets must be picked up by 7:00pm, unless special arrangements were made prior.