The following services are offered at Veterinary Oncology Center:

Therapeutic Options

  • Comprehensive evaluation of cancer patients
  • Progressive treatments for pets with cancer
  • Complex planning of various cancer treatments
  • Chemotherapy and immunotherapy
  • Management of chemotherapy side-effects
  • Emergency advice for established clients
  • Hospice support for pets with end stage cancer
  • Grief support and referral for pet owners
  • Courtesy phone consultations for other veterinarians


Diagnostic Options

  • In-house and outside laboratory services(bloodwork)
  • Fine needle aspiration and cytology interpretation
  • Pathology and cytology report consultations
  • Biopsy procedures
  • In-house digital radiology service
  • Radiograph interpretation by a board certified radiologist (Robert W. Kramer, DACVR)
  • Ultrasound evaluations by a board certified radiologist (Robert W. Kramer, DACVR)
  • Referral CT capabilities (Veterinary Radiology)

Cancer treatments may involve multiple doctors with various skills and specialties. We believe in a team approach and best specialists will be recommended for procedures not performed at Veterinary Oncology Center. We work with other veterinary specialists throughout Seattle area. Dr. Luminita Sarbu will help you coordinate different procedures and treatments to make sure that the best outcome is achieved.   

Your veterinarian is an invaluable partner in this battle against cancer and we will make sure that he/she is well informed of what is going on with your pet. We are only one phone-call away, should questions arise.